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Ask Yourself…


Do you currently have an income?  What do you do to earn it?  Do you love it?

Would you like to earn an additional or replacement income?

I love being able to work from home, with the flexibility to schedule my own hours.

I love partnering with Project Dream and Shaklee, for the opportunities and training I get.  Both are organizations with values I can respect.

I love the support I get from my team, and the feeling of comradery.

Listen to this message from Shaklee’s Chairman, Roger Barnett.

Does this sound like a company you would like to partner with?

I love representing products I use and feel proud to share.  Would you like this to be you?

Project Dream is one of the fastest growning teams in Shaklee U.S., but more about that later.

Please contact me if you’d like more information on this.

I hope you have a great 2016!

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I appreciate your interest!