Indoor Pollution


This article by Sloan Barnet, Sloan Barnett, author of ‘Green Goes With Everything’ illustrates the importance of being aware of the products you are using and searching out safe household products.

10 Household Hazards That Could Be Making You Sick

“It turns out that the pollution inside our homes is worse than outside. Your home may smell clean and feel safe when it’s actually filled with toxins from cleaners, paint, tap water, furniture and more.

Wondering where these hidden hazards are coming from? The truth is that you’re most likely carrying many of them home in your shopping bag. Your family is unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals every day because there is almost no regulation of chemicals used in most consumer products in the U.S. — even those meant for children.”

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Were you aware of the danger of products commonly found in our homes?  We can each make small changes to protect ourselves and those we care about.

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