Is Bottled Water Safe?



I was surprised to learn that consumer standards are more stringent for tap water than bottled water. 

In 1996, Congress required water utilities to notify the public about any contamination that may be present in drinking water supplies.

Neither EPA nor FDA certify bottled water.

According to the EPA, bottlers use standard identifiers, prescribed by FDA regulations, to describe their water.  But terms on the label refer to both the geological sources of the water and the treatment methods applied to the water. The terms don’t necessarily describe the geographic location of the source or determine its quality. 

‘Terms used on the label about the source, such as “glacier water” or “mountain water,” are not regulated standards of identity and may not indicate that the water is necessarily from a pristine area. Ground water can still contain naturally high amounts of certain contaminants, including radioactive elements, arsenic,and nitrates, or be vulnerable to contamination from human activities, such as industrial waste, faulty septic systems, and underground gas or chemical tanks.’ The term,“purified,” refers to processes that remove chemicals and pathogens. “Purified water” is not necessarily free of microbes – though it may be.

Product Details

What I did know is taking water with me in a mug or water bottle is less expensive and I don’t have to worry about running out and needing to buy more.

When buying a travel mug or bottle, make sure it is BPA free so you’re not messing up the clean water with unsafe toxins.

I like to filter my drinking water with a carafe, even if it is, to be safe.  I think it tastes better.  Taste’s one reason I used to buy bottled water. My carafe is BPA free and filters out up to 99% of lead as well as dozens of other nasty contaminants. (I have a list, if you’re curious.) The filter housing can be used over and over again by just inserting a new filter.   

 I also use natural non-toxic cleaning products.  I think they are safer for me and the planet (the source of my water)!



Do you drink bottled water now?  Will you still?


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