Strawberry Chocolate Smoothee Recipe


Strawberry Chocolate Smoothee Recipe Sometimes it’s nice to add a little variety to my smoothees.  This one is simple.

1 cup water (or milk)
3 scoops Chocolate 180 powder (2 scoops if using milk)
¼ cup frozen strawberries
Ice if desired.
Blend. Enjoy! Add Stevia to sweeten if desired.

Calories: 270; Fat 4.5 g; Carbs 30 g; Protein 24 g

What do you like in your smoothees?

Considerable research has shown that the low glycemic nature of the Shaklee 180 Smoothee is a major contributor towards its success.   Researchers in Denmark studied a group of 1200 people who had already lost at least 8% of their body weight through dieting.   The object of the study was to determine what diet would help them to maintain that weight loss.

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