Will Children’s Toys Kill Them?


December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month

This is a challenge for me.  Is the toy I buy today going to make a child sick?  I know to read warnings that toys may contain small parts.  But as a child I never considered whether the toys I got for Christmas were a cause of choking. 

Think of all the Barbie doll accessories!  I played with them for hours at a time, and I am the oldest of six kids, who also had access to them.

Were toys then contaminated with lead and toxic chemicals such as lead, PVC, cadmium (think think rechargeable nickel–cadmium batteries that your kids have access to), tin, arsenic or mercury? 

And what about the safety of all those car seats and cribs mothers-to-be get?

Maybe people back then weren’t aware of the hazards, but I think manufacturers should not let ignorance or greed be a way of business. The same with countries exporting products to the U.S.!

Please don’t put your children at risk, or let your friends and relations put them at risk.  There are a number of sites where you can check before you wrap that gift, or suggest it to the person who says ‘What should I buy for Christmas for Johnny or Sue?’

A couple of government sites on toy safety are Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Toy Hazard Recalls.  There are lots more sites by the private sector. A very good article is at http://www.bestpricetoys.com/toy-safety/.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!




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